Sessions, in which only 1 car is allowed. Pick-Ups are usually turned off, and the collision is advanced. The cars and tracks will be picked from the Re-Volt Online pack. The order of the events will probably follow a scheme like this:

Session Archive

Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Car Winner VODs Results Tracklist Skins
2020/08/10 Evil Weasel Stingox Ashen | Duc Detailed Paste
2020/08/17 Pest Control Stingox Ashen | Duc Detailed Paste
2020/08/19 Reddlum Frosttbitten Ashen | Duc Detailed Paste
2020/08/24 Tribute Frosttbitten Ashen Detailed Paste Download
2020/08/28 Phat Slug Frosttbitten None Detailed Paste
2020/09/07 Zipper Stingox TBA Detailed

Car Suggestion List




Not in Pack: