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MEGA - v20.0408


This pack includes tracks where you can fall off into the oblivion, or even into a river in Venice, and since the AI Nodes are removed, you have no chance of repositioning. Because of this, you need to stay on the track, and finish the race like that. However, this also means that AI doesn't work on these levels, since they don't have any nodes to guide them. On most tracks, only the AI nodes were removed, but on a select few, the .w (what you see) and the .ncp (collision) files were modified as well, so that you can actually fall off. This will be marked in the tracklist below. The names were also changed to have a (No Repo Edition) at the end.


Extract the main file into your rvgl install, and that's basically it. You can use your main install, since the pack has tracks with custom folder names. The fix_cases script has already been run on it, and the pack has been tested on Linux, so you can extract straight to your rvgl folder on the penguin based OS as well!

Current Tracklist (alphabetical of folder names) (updated: 2020/04/08)

  • Amco TT (noai_amcott) | modified .w and .ncp files, also removed auto-reposition triggers
  • Computer Virus 2 (noai_compvir2)
  • Daydreaming (noai_daydream)
  • Floating World (noai_floatworld)
  • Blocks Mini Grand Prix (noai_gp_mini) | modified .w and .ncp files
  • Grayscale Road (noai_gscroad)
  • Rainbow Road of Simplicity (noai_lerr)
  • Route-77 (noai_route77)
  • GBA Rainbow Road (noai_rrgba)
  • RV Rainbow Road (noai_rvrr)
  • Road of Simplicity 1 (noai_simplroad1)
  • Road in the Sky (noai_skyroad)
  • Floating Temples (noai_temples)
  • Terminus (noai_terminus)
  • To The Moon! (noai_tothemoon)
  • Touge Run 1 (noai_touge1) | modified .w and .ncp files
  • Venice (noai_venice)
  • WipeOut (noai_wipeout)


Release: No Repo v20.0408 Stable (2019/04/08 16:05 UTC)

2019/04/08 15:56 UTC:


  • New track: Rainbow Road of Simplicity (No Repo Edition), (noai_lerr to levels, noai_lerr.bmp to gfx)

  • New track: Blocks Mini Grand Prix (No Repo Edition), (noai_gp_mini to levels, noai_gp_mini.bmp to gfx)

Release: No Repo v19.1229 Stable (2019/12/21 14:13 UTC)


Release: No Repo v19.1221 Beta (2019/12/21 15:29 UTC)


2019/12/21 15:22 UTC:


  • New track: Touge Run 1 (No Repo Edition), (noai_touge1 to levels, noai_touge1.bmp to gfx)
    • Credits to Zeino for removing the barrier in .w and .ncp files!

Release: No Repo v19.1216 Beta (2019/12/16 20:16 UTC)

MEGA | Dropbox - Direct

2019/12/16 20:13 UTC:


  • RV Rainbow Road now has the gfx added as well! (/gfx/noai_rvrr.bmp)

2019/12/15 22:28 UTC:


  • Amco TT's terrain is now back to mostly dirt (how it originally is) (Credits to Mr. Burguers for providing a Blender file for the ncp/collision file as well!) Changed file: /levels/noai_amcott/noai_amcott.ncp

2019/12/15 21:26 UTC:


  • Renamed the reversed Terminus 0 byte AI file to what it's supposed to be (/levels/noai_terminus/reversed/ to /levels/noai_terminus/reversed/

Release: No Repo v19.1215 Beta (2019/12/15 19:20 UTC)

MEGA | Dropbox - Direct

2019/12/15 17:08 UTC:


  • New track: Amco TT (No Repo Edition), (noai_amcott to levels, noai_amcott to gfx)

    • Credits to Mr. Burguers for the conversion of the .w file, which has a new look and also for the .ncp, where you can actually fall off!
  • New track: Computer Virus 2 (No Repo Edition), (noai_compvir2 to levels, noai_compvir2 to gfx)

  • New track: RV Rainbow Road (No Repo Edition), (noai_rvrr to levels, noai_rvrr to gfx)


  • Terminus (Reversed) now also has an empty AI file (still had normal repos before this by mistake)(rvgl/levels/noai_terminus/reversed/

2019/12/11 02:01 UTC:


  • New track: Road of Simplicity 1 (No Repo Edition) (noai_simplroad1 to levels, noai_simplroad1.bmp to gfx)

  • now contains the changelog!

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