A trackpack consisting of race tracks that could exist in real life!

Download RVOn Circuit Trackpack:

Latest version: v20.0520 (vYY.MMDD)


Track Author Avg. time Pick-Ups
Berm Lake Lo Scassatore & FBV-86 43.1 n
Eggland Strava 18.5 y
Elkhart Strava 33.8 n
Emerald Pastures Lo Scassatore & FBV-86 35.2 n
Foxglen Strava 19 y
GPX Fabit, The RVL Team 89 y
Grand Prix de Morvan Volt General 15.5 n
Keitune Mace121 30.9 y
LS Hockenheimring Lo Scassatore 65 n
LS Monza Lo Scassatore 55.8 n
LS Tama B Lo Scassatore 37.8 n
LS Tama C Lo Scassatore 27.7 n
Revolt 24 Volty 45.3 n
RV-Simo Lo Scassatore 23.6 y
SS Highway Crescviper 93.3 y
SS Route Crescviper 42 y
Stagnaro Strava 20.9 n
TVGP Skitch2 & Manmountain 22.5 y

Info about the pack:

  • The tracks were gathered from RVZ, Re-Volt XTG and ARM. They contain no modifications made by us.
  • The cases in the file names are all lower case (fixed cases for Linux)
  • The main goal of this pack is to accompany Mladen's Real Car pack, which consists of cars that you could see on the streets as well. Download the Real Cars pack here.
  • The average lap times were determined using 3 lap races with a Mazda RX-8 (part of the Real Life cars).



  • Added Hockenheimring

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