How to Time Trial - A Tutorial by OhNej and hajduc.

In this Tutorial were gonna show you how to become a professional Revolt player by achieving good times. Take a note that this might take 1-2 months in order to master the tracks.


Before you can do the times, you need the game itself:

  • First, you need to download Re-volt, to do that go to
  • Then you need to download packs of tracks which can be downloaded here << ohnej was a dumbass and put io pack there, Famous plays RVOn, so his challenges are with that >:) update (2021/02/10): nvm don't think Fam likes nazis
  • Occasionally you also need to update the game using the patch, you can find it here

Seek for Revolt communities, most of the players can be found on discord server's. Make sure to visit voicechat if you have troubleshooting:


Additional things that you can do to make your TimeTrialing much easier:

  • Make sure to name yourself "Famous" to get additional 10mph.
  • Also make sure that your Cheat Engine is running in the background.


First important things are:

  • Make sure your car is in working condition
  • check rear mirror, light's, wheels and body if its not damaged or destroyed
  • Make sure to pick one of the following cars: (Phat Slug, Phat Slug, Phat Slug, Phat Slug, Phat Slug)
  • choose the track that you want to begin practising/racing.

Once you arrive on track, make sure to:

  • Align your car in position for best acceleration.
  • Make sure to take all the corners by pressing right or left, depending on direction
  • If someone mentions your bad, respond with "8)"
  • Continue mastering the track until you get a decent time.

Additional notes:

  • Use shortcut
  • Neverstopman
  • Watch Famous vids
  • Play more multiplayer sessions using clockworks


You reached the point that you noticed that things are going not as you planned, and saw that Famous is actually better than you, even when you spend half a year by then. You decide to go outside but you also realise that revolt took you in and you can't escape it, your here forever.

The only thing to do now is search for help:

  • Realise it's an addiction
  • You have wasted time of your life
  • You don't have friends left
  • Yes


  • Approach it better
  • gitgud
  • Honking makes you go fast



Lasse from Norway

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