One of the most classic ways to chat with other Re-Volt players and play with them online is to use RV House. But how to set it up?

Note: The P2P system in RVH is broken, and people keep being timed out from the server. Because of this, most players have moved on to using Discord.


Before getting started, you need to create an account on revoltzone. Make sure to validate this account using your e-mail, otherwise you might not be able to sign in.

Download links:


On Windows, you need to run the setup file, and install it wherever you want on your PC. It doesn't have to be in your RV directory. On Linux, you can just unzip the archive and run it instantly. You can place RVH wherever you want.

Running as administrator (Windows)

In certain cases, RVH needs to be run as admin. Therefore, before running the app for the first time, you must do the following: After right-clicking RVH, click on Properties, and then tick "Run Program as Administrator".

First-time startup:

You'll probably be prompted with a pop up window that asks for the language you would like to use. Choose your preference. For this tutorial, I'll be using the English language menu. After this, you'll need to use the credentials of the revoltzone account you've created. You should be able to log in. If everything went right, you'll see "Centralized Connected" on the bottom left. The next step will be to set up the path to your RVGL Install. You can do this by going to Edit > Settings, then going to the advanced tab. You should leave the Multiplayer command-line option alone, and click the Browse button below Path to Installation. Then choose your rvgl.exe file.

Joining rooms:

Now that you have set up your RV House, you can join lobbies via the app! Check if there are any rooms online on the top left, and if there are (and if they aren't password-locked), then you can double click to join them. If the host is already racing, you can click on the pick-up/thunder button to join in on the fun. If the host is not racing yet, you'll have to wait for them to start the game, and your game will launch automatically.

Creating rooms:

To host an RVGL online session, you need to forward a port on your router. This is needed even with RVH. You need to forward the UDP 2310 port. Tutorial TBA.

P2P Issues:

Currently RVH's P2P (=peer-to-peer) connection doesn't work properly, therefore, you'll probably get a pop-up that mentions this. You can ignore that, since right now only the centralized server is being used for the program.