We're glad to announce that the 2nd season of the Re-Volt Endurance Championship will be happening across the next 10 Sundays! You can read the details below, and join the Re-Volt Competitive Discord to discuss the event.


Re-Volt Endurance Championship is a series of 10 races that will be held on the next 10 Sundays at 18 UTC. Endurance here means the fact that the races will be longer than usual... they will be about 45 minutes long, with the exception of the final, 90 minutes long race. The races will be hosted by me/Frost (announced each time), and each race will be announced about a few days before happening. Each time, we'll have a warm-up race of about 2-3 minutes.

Basic rules

- Cars: Cougar, Humma, Toyeca
- Collision: Arcade
- Pick-Ups: Off

Point system

- The points will be given out the same way as they are in standard FIA events; in order of finishing: 25 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1
- On top of this, based on their best laps, the players will receive the following amount of points: 10 - 8 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
- The final race will give double finishing points.
- Only the best 7 races will count towards the player's points. This is because some people might be too busy to attend all the races.

Track selection

- The first track will be picked from stocks.
- From the first race onwards, each player who has finished the previous session, will suggest a track from the RVC Time Trial Sheet.
- Tracks that we have already raced in RVEC Season 2 cannot be suggested again.
- The suggestions will be put on a vote in a dedicated channel on the Re-Volt Competitive server.
- To calculate the number of laps, I'll divide 45 minutes by the Best Lap in the B4L record.
- A link to download the track will be provided before each round (unless the track is a stock).

Signing up

- Reserve a spot for races by sending a dm to one of the organizers, otherwise no signing up required. People who have attended races before will be prioritized in the list of reservations.
- If you finish in a race, you are automatically added to the RVEC points table.
- Please use the same name in all the races; if you're using a different one, make sure that we know about it, or that it's recognizable.
- Please don't use any kind of "alt-names", use the name that you are known for using.

Organizers: hajducsekb#3604, Frosttbitten#9596

Banned Tracks due to crossroads:

Toys in the Hood 1
Museum 1
Endgame (Fools Mate 2.1)
Gansu Castle
Hull Breach 3000
Market Mayhem
Mikes Medievel Mahem
Metro-Volt by human
Museum 3
Skating Toys Redux
Spa-Volt 2

Detailed Points Table (Official): TBA

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