After 5 weeks of racing, the End of the Year Tournament has concluded! The championship consisted of 10 rounds, and in the end, Stingox prevailed!

Stingox managed to be the most consistent driver across the great variety of events. He only won 2 sessions, and those were the Semi-Pro Knockout and the Gungame/Cargame. However, where Stingox shined the most was the consistency, he got numerous 2nd places and this is what helped him get the overall win.
Supersajdzan got 2nd in the standings, and he was a challenger for the title throughout the championship. He suffered his biggest loss on the Stock Races without Pick-Ups, since his PC kept alt tabbing him during races. He potentially lost 6 championship points because of this.
Frosttbitten was another title contender, who got 3rd in the end. He had the potential to win, however, he was using a different PC from the usual while playing in the championship, and he didn't realize how much V-Sync cost him until the No Repo Session. He played 3 sessions with V-Sync on, and this could have cost him the championship win.
The last person that suffered from issues was Famous. He was leading the championship by 11 points after round 6, however another gaming event came up for him, and he couldn't participate for the remaining 4 sessions (with the exception of the Sakura Endurance). He still ended up being 5th!

All in all, we've had a great and fun championship, where 36 unique people have participated in the 10 events (not at the same time, of course)! I'd like to give a shoutouts to all people who have participated, and a special thanks to Honk for broadcasting and doing an awesome commentary during all 10 events! The best way to thank him would be to subscribe on Twitch, so I encourage people to do that if they have some cash to spare!


Pos Driver Total
1 Stingox 283
2 supersajdzan 269
3 Frosttbitten 260
4 duc 224
5 Famous 208
6 Nickurn 183
7 Ashen Forest 159
8 Vlad 123
9 Powerate 117
10 OhNej 103
11 G 80
12 Lampaert 62
13 Psyduck_SR 50
14 Razeyy 44
14 Wurzel 44
16 Bismarck 32
16 Adri 32
18 KLNFLN 31
19 Dolo 30
20 Bapt 26
20 Evge-Tap-Ok 26
22 Mighty 22
23 Taco 16
24 C. Emmanuel 14
24 Imretab 14
26 xpete 10
27 anteloCAZO 8
27 Zeino 8
27 nuclearhytmics 8
30 Rock Lee 6
31 Markito 4
31 melly 4
33 Dogma_Chip 2
33 Capi 2
35 Sellbon 0


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